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Tonight's debate

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Jan. 6th, 2008 | 07:32 pm

Interesting that there's no Ron Paul present. Says he didn't poll high enough, but he seems to poll high enough that he would deserve a spot...

Am I the only one who thinks McCain is getting really eccentric in his old age? He's made some really pointed jabs with very little actual content to them. He seems like he's just angry, nervous, and increasingly unprofessional. Why is he still in this race? He's like the little kid saying "neener neener." Now he's making comments like "older than dirt" and "more scars than Frankenstein" -but still manages to compare himself to the Holy Grail that is Reagan. Huckabee seemed to love him though. That "I’ve met McCain’s mother" nonsense just seemed to come out of nowhere, for no reason. I dunno, McCain's just come across to me as very smart, but not really the personality to lead. He was a little tamer tonight than last night but still just didn't have the professionalism the others had, and it really made him come across poorly. Too bad for him, but I can't say I really supported him at all either, so, maybe it's a good thing. Also, quit winking. It's very "creepy uncle."

As for Fred Thompson, There were some interesting comments by the Fox audience afterward... "[Fred's] just good at acting, didn't talk about health care...." "He's not effective at communicating..." I don't really understand how he's not effective at communicating, but he doesn't seem to take the stage for himself as much as the others. The other candidates seem eager, willing to stretch and/or break the rules to get a little more ME time. Fred hasn't done that. I like that about him, but it does set him apart from other candidates in a less-than-positive way for the average Joe, it seems. I see it as self-control, they see it as being lazy, or sleepy.

Huckabee was shifty and defensive, but I kind of expected that. He's lost it all for me, sorry.

Rudy though... that man did a lot of talking tonight, and seemed eager to try to prove he wasn't as lame as he's been coming across. All the questions seemed to end up back in New York on 9/11, though, which really didn't help him I think. The baggage question really had him backpedaling, though. It was pretty obvious that Wallace caught him on a weak point. Hard to believe he was the easy front-runner not long ago, especially as he seems to lose steam here, if he keeps this up I don't think he'll be in much longer.

Romney impressed me tonight, though, possibly for the first time I've seen him. He was strong, intelligent, avoided the cheap pot shots and managed to avoid the victim mentality I saw him having last night. It probably helped that he didn't have the others all ganging up on him. He harped on the change thing a bit much, but was more specific as to what exactly he wanted to change than the others. Made a very good point on how the current congress has handled things ineffectively. I also loved his points on amnesty and the border. If he keeps that stance he put forward tonight (and it seems like so far he has), it'd put him at the top of the list aside Fred as someone who doesn't want to reward the illegals for breaking the law - something that makes a hell of a lot of sense to me, but apparently isn't a popular stand these days. He also really seemed to shake up Huckabee with his question about the children when Huck was talking about the DREAM act. I also liked his comment about wages, “You’re not going to help the wage-earner in America by attacking the wage-payer in America.” Good understanding of how the economy actually works. He definitely has shown the best turnaround, with a much more commanding demeanor and confident attitude, as well as more solid replies, especially against McCain early on. Props to him.

After tonight I'd have to say the winner was Romney. While I still like Thompson's politics better, he just didn't bring it tonight, and it's obviously costing him.

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